Private tours of Ireland

Dragon Tours’ base in Wales is just a short hop across the Irish Sea.

The flexible nature of our private tours makes it a simple process to combine a Welsh tour with a trip to the Emerald Isle, or our driver-guide could meet you across the sea for a dedicated tour of Ireland.

Since the early days of the Welsh tours business, Dr Mike Davies – the owner and operator of Dragon Tours – has received requests from his clients to take them to other countries.

Some of these were as as an add-on to a tour of Wales, others because they had enjoyed the way we did things in Wales and wanted to replicate that experience in a different country.

Contact us for bookings and for more information on our tours of Ireland.

Irish tours

The Emerald Isle has great ferry and flight links to Wales and a combined Wales and Ireland tour is great option.

Our small group, private tours are an ideal way to explore Ireland. We can visit the big attractions but also take you to magical places that the larger tour buses can’t get to.

Because the big cities of Dublin and Belfast are well served by international flights, it’s a popular option for clients to spend some time exploring these wonderful towns then have us meet them and take them out into the magical Irish countryside.

Popular destinations and attractions on our tours of Ireland

  • Dublin and the Book of Kells
  • Galway Bay and Connemara National Park
  • Antrim coastline and Giant’s Causeway
  • Dingle Peninsula
  • The Ring of Kerry

Flexible tours of Ireland

As with all our private tours, we can tailor-make a tour of Ireland to your precise requirements – just let us know what you want.

Please contact us for more information on our private tours of Ireland.

One thought to “Private tours of Ireland”

  1. A couple of years ago, we toured Wales with Mike. Therefore, we knew he was the only guide for us when we wanted to tour Ireland. We spent 10 days exploring Ireland with Mike. He planned the trip to include our selected sights and, while they were as wonderful as we expected, a place we didn’t know about beforehand, Newgrange, turned out the be the biggest highlight of all. We feel we have seen all the best of Ireland now. It was an excellent trip thanks to all Mike’s hard work. The sights we saw and the places we stayed in were all fantastic. Trust in Mike to provide you a spectacular trip that will long linger in your memories.

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