Defynnog yew tree

The oldest living thing in Britain: A Welsh yew tree

It used to be thought that the oldest living thing in Britain was the Llangernyw Yew.

This 4,000 year old yew tree stands in a churchyard in the village of Llangernyw, Conwy, north Wales.

However, it’s recently been discovered that the Llangernyw tree is a mere strapling…

Another yew tree in Defynnog churchyard, Breconshire, is around 1,600 years older.

At around 5,600 years of age, it easily pre-dates the pyramids and Stonehenge.

Mike Davies

Dr Mike Davies is the owner and operator of Dragon Tours, which offers expert guided tours of Wales for individuals, couples and small groups. Mike is a published historian and specialist in Welsh history, culture and genealogy – his books include the Last King of Wales. Mike was born, raised and continues to live in Wales. He has taught at the University of Wales and is able to provide a unique insight into the ancient land of his birth.