Dragon Tours specialises in guided tours of Wales for individuals, couples and small groups.

The key to the Dragon Tour experience is flexibility with personally planned itineraries and services to meet your individual needs along with packaged options to suit all budgets.

Dragon Tours is owned and operated by Dr Mike Davies, a published historian and specialist in Welsh history and culture – his books include the Last King of Wales.

Mike was born, raised and continues to live in Wales. He has taught at the University of Wales and is able to provide a unique insight into the ancient land of his birth.

Dragon Tours' two-week trip around Wales
Dragon Tours’ two-week trip around Wales

Mike started offering tours shortly after completing his first degree at Trinity College Carmarthen in 1990.

He offered a tour service during the summer months while studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Swansea University, a Masters in medieval Welsh history at Cardiff University and a PhD in medieval history at the University of Wales, Newport.

He completed his studies in 2000 and started offering guided tours of Wales as a full-time concern thereafter.

Mike is personally involved in the driver-guiding and loves to share his knowledge of Wales’ incredible history with his guests.

He has over 20 years of experience of guiding people in Wales.

Our philosophy is to provide tours that feel as though you’re being taken around by a family friend in a very relaxed and enjoyable way.

We are very flexible and do our utmost to ensure that all requests are met.

We specialise in tailor-made, custom tours and also have some packaged options for consideration.

We can arrange accommodation at a whole range of excellent properties to suit all preferences and budgets.