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Caernarfon Castle
Caernarfon Castle, north Wales

Dragon Tours specialises in tailor-made, private tours of Wales, with our flexibility meaning we’re delighted to help our clients enjoy visits to the rest of the UK, Ireland and even continental Europe.

The aim is to take all the pressure out of the transport and navigation during your visit, giving you the services of a hugely experienced driver-guide and a comfortable vehicle.

Dr Mike Davies, the owner and operator of Dragon Tours, has planned and provided hundreds of private tours of Wales, the UK, Ireland and Europe since he started the business in the early 1990s.

While our private tours can, of course, take in more than one country, try the following dedicated pages to read more about:

By their very nature, the private tours vary enormously in the way they’re provided.

For example, a private tour can simply be a day tour for an individual, couple or small group whereby Dragon Tours meets you at your chosen point (typically a city centre hotel or railway station), takes you on a tour of the general area and then returns you to your destination at the end of the day.

At the other end of the scale, a private tour can be for an extended period (even multiple weeks) with visits to numerous destinations, perhaps in more than one country.

Accommodation can be arranged at a wide range of different styles and levels of comfort, activities can be included, as can specialist services such as genealogical advice and help.

Contact us for bookings and for more information on our private tours.

Our tours attract visitors with wide-ranging requirements and expectations, just some examples being:

Private tours tracing ancestral links

Many of our clients have ancestral links to Wales and other parts of Britain and Ireland.

For visitors who wish to learn more about their ancestors, the private tours are a perfect way to visit, whether genealogy is the main focus of the visit or a bonus part of it.

Over the years Mike has helped many, many families discover where their ancestors lived, worked and worshipped and has aided them in finding official documentation to enhance their family history knowledge.

For more information about our genealogy tours and services, please visit our genealogy page or contact us.

Private tours for small groups of family and friends

Our private tours also appeal to people who like to drive themselves in a private, family group but don’t want to drive on the ‘wrong side of the road’, or worry about navigating very narrow roads with unfamiliar road signs and place names.

When the cost of hiring a minivan with insurance and fuel costs is compared with our private tours for a small family/friends group, many people are very pleased to hear that ‒ for a very similar price ‒ you can get the vehicle with a driver guide included.

Touring away from the herd

Our tours also appeal to people who don’t want to tour in a large group, or who can’t find a tour itinerary that visits all the places they want to see.

Mount Snowdon
Mount Snowdon

Large coach tours are very limited as to where they can go and stay.

Some of the best places to see in Wales, Britain and Ireland are ‘off the beaten track’ in locations where larger vehicles cannot navigate.

The only places that big group tours can stay in tend to be in larger towns and cities, where there are big hotels.

Our private tours use vehicles that can navigate the small byways and visit all the little-known attractions.

We can base ourselves in tiny villages, historic towns and big cities, and stay in family run B&Bs and farms, small hotels, country houses… as well as the five-star resorts.

Mixed group tours of Wales

If you prefer to travel with other people on a set itinerary, we offer group tours of Wales as an alternative to our private tours.

Private tours for any other reason

We can’t stress the point strongly enough… our private tours are totally flexible, so please contact us with your specific requirements or for an informal consultation about options.

2 thoughts to “Private tours”

  1. Absolutely the Best
    When my wife and I arranged a two week tour of Wales and Shropshire with Mike in April/May 2018 we were not sure what to expect but hoped it would be a great experience. WOW! As background to my comments my wife and I have travelled extensively throughout the world over the past 35 years utilizing large group tours, small group tours, study tours, cruises, river cruises, and independent travel. Needless to say we have had a lot of local guides and tour directors. Mike is in a class by himself!
    The tour we arranged was a modified version of Mike’s 10 day tour of Wales with a few nights in Shropshire added to visit specific locales connected to my family. I will not go into details of what we saw but rather focus on the meticulous planning and attention to detail that Mike used to ensure a truly customized trip. During the planning process we identified sites or types of sites in which we were particularly interested. Mike took our list that included Druid/Celtic sites, castles, architecture, art, stained glass, and historic lifestyle and planned a tour that gave us all of that. More amazing was the adaptability, flexibility and breadth of knowledge he displayed as evidenced by sudden ‘detours’ when he thought of something else in which we might be interested. A simple comment or question could trigger a whole new experience being added to the itinerary. Throughout the tour his judgement of what we might like to see and his sense of how long we would likely spend at a site were impeccable. Oh, did I mention that his historical knowledge was cyclopedic, but always delivered in a manner that was entertaining and often funny, no dry history from Mike!
    The planning for accommodations was as meticulous as the planning of the actual tour. Mike has lists of accommodations arranged by price level from which you can pick and choose. The tour lends itself to multiple nights in some locations which reduced the packing and unpacking. We indicated that our preference was to stay in historic coach houses or other locations with historical or architectural significance or uniqueness. The only problem was that there were so many if was hard to decide where to stay, every place we chose was exceptional in one or more ways- location, historical significance, architectural significance, period furnishings, local ‘charm’ and so forth. Using Mike’s list we were able to investigate the possibilities and decide not only on a particular property but on actual specific rooms!
    The only problem with going on a tour with Mike and Dragon Tours is that nothing else will ever compare! I recommend Mike and Dragon Tours to you without reservation.
    Rodney and Mary Lee, Alberta, Canada

    1. Thanks so much Rodney and Mary Lee. It was a pleasure to meet you and to find out more about your fascinating connections to Wales and the border country around Shropshire. I hope you make it back someday. Best wishes. Mike

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